When deciding on your home inspector there are many things you can ask during the process. Below are just some questions you might want to ask when deciding on a home inspector. Please see our frequently asked questions section as well.

What professional organizations do they belong to? 

There are several excellent professional organizations in the home inspection industry. Your home inspector should belong to at least one. 



How important is price?  

Price is important in any purchase. As a general rule home inspection prices should be within 5% to 10% for the same size property. Some companies price in an a la carte style. This means that they charge a base price and add on additional charges such as HVAC systems or crawlspaces. This can be confusing and lead to higher costs for you the home buyer. We at Special Forces Home Inspections charge a flat fee based on the square footage of your home. In doing this we make some natural assumptions such as a typical 3500 square foot home will have multiple HVAC systems. At the end of the day this makes pricing simpler for you the buyer and easier to budget your home buying expenses.

What other certifications do they have? 

As in any profession the more certifications and training you have the better you will be at your job. For example if a home inspector is trained in mold inspections they can often analyze mold and give you an interpretation of what the problem might be. This will often alleviate having to pay for a second inspection and the cost associated with another inspection.

Can they give you any references?  

Who have they done business with and are they respected in the market place. Memberships in real estate associations and other local groups.

Are They Licensed? 
Every home inspector in the state of South Carolina must be licensed by the states Residential Builders Commission. This is a specific licensing process and you should never hire a home inspector who is not licensed in the state of South Carolina for a purchase in this state.