WHAT DOES THE INSPECTION REPORT LOOK LIKE?                                                                      

What does their inspection report look like?  

Our reports are anywhere from 4-10 pages depending on the size of the home and number of items requiring comment. We try to make the report as simple to understand as possible. The report comes in word or PDF format.  Our goal is to make our reports understandable to anyone who may read them.  We do not send a huge 60 page report with unneceasary information.  

Fireplace and Components: Type of fireplace, damper, flue, mantel, hearth and chimney are all evaluated and commented on. Chimney flashing and building materials are observed for leaks and proper construction.

Roof System: Building materials of roof and roof valleys, type of sheathing, insulation are all evaluated. Roof is checked for leaks and general condition is commented on.

Safety Devices: Locks on doors and windows, fire alarms, GFCI breakers and/or outlets, and stair or deck railings are all evaluated. Home alarm systems are not evaluated as this would require personal information from the current owner. If there are specialty devices installed in the home they will be addressed on a case by case basis.

Water Heaters: Style, model, capacity, serial number and general condition are all evaluated. Installation configuration and safety features including wiring size, breaker size, pressure relief valve and safety pan are evaluated. Location is annotated and life expectancy based on manufactures warranty. 

Ventilation: Type of ventilation is annotated. Other items such as animal barriers, do powered roof vents operate and other functions of proper home ventilation are all evaluated and commented on.

Electrical Components:  All electrical outlets are checked for correct wiring configuration. Electrical switches are checked to insure they operate correctly; as well as breakers and the entire electrical panel. GFCI outlets are tested, and all wires in the electrical panel are checked to insure that they are the correct size for the electrical load they carry. Additional electrical devices such as fans, exterior lights and door bells are also evaluated.

Structural Integrity: The homes overall structure is evaluated and commented on. This includes possible wood rot, crawlspace, and foundation. 

Steps, Stairs and Decks: All steps (interior and exterior) are evaluated structurally and for safety; including trip hazards. Any decks present will be evaluated for safety and structural integrity; as well as wood rot. 

Heating and Cooling Systems: The HVAC system is run and checked to insure they operate correctly. Temperature differential is measured to test cooling and heating functions. Cooling temperature can only be tested when the outside temperature is above 65 degrees F as running the A/C in temperatures below 65 degrees F can damage A/C condenser. Model and serial number as well as age are annotated. Life expectancy is estimated based on MFG warranty. Location of air handler, condenser and heat pump is annotated. Overall condition of duct system and HVAC system is annotated.

Walkway and Driveways: Overall condition is annotated to include any possible trip hazards or damage.

Appliances: All appliances are run through a complete cycle and tested for operation; these results are annotated in our report.

Plumbing: All toilets, sinks, tubs, showers and exterior hose bibs are tested. They are inspected for proper function and identify any leaks Type of plumbing and comments are annotated in the report.

Garage, Carports and/or Exterior Buildings: Garage openers are tested for function and safety. Structural integrity of these buildings is also evaluated and annotated.

Grading and Drainage: Water flow towards and away from property, and possible seepage towards the home. Effects of possible water penetration onto foundation or crawl space are evaluated.

Windows and Doors: All windows and doors are checked for proper operation. This includes framing, locks, and screens. Trim and framing is checked for wood rot and water penetration. Type of windows is annotated in our report.

Attic: Type of attic access and location are written into the report. Overall condition of the attic including, type of insulation, ventilation, and flooring are all annotated in our report.

Gutters and Downspouts: If the house has gutters they are inspected for function and operation.

Pool Equipment: Pool and installed equipment are inspected for functionality and any visible leaks. This is a functionality check, should you desire a detailed inspection we recommend that you contact a licensed pool technician.